Working group for obstetrics

Working group for obstetrics

6. 6. 2015

The working group "System Change in Obstetrics" NGO representatives meets regularly every month. In the framework of working groups, teams were established that are systematically engaged in individual activities: lobbying, advocacy for legislative changes establishing standards of midwifery care, preparing media strategies, creating informational materials for parents and health professionals, and dealing with insurance companies.

June 6 CWL, in cooperation with the Nesehnutí and Union midwives, organised a workshop for normal births, which was devoted to the promotion of natural childbirth at home and a summary of practical experience of this practice in the US, as well as a subsequent lecture on births across cultures. Both events took place in Prague Cinema Perštýn. The accredited workshop on "Normal childbirth in the US" was led by two American midwife Mairi Rothman and Erin Fulham, who have a private practice and accompany the births.

12. 12. 2014 there was a press conference and happening for normal childbirth within the campaign "Normal Childbirth" (

CWL also managed a transparent account whose funds were primarily to legal fees and other expenses related to strategic cases. (Transparent account number is 2400283520/2010).

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