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Marta Smolíková
She is an expert on cultural policies and art management. She founded ProCulture, a research, information and education centre for arts and culture, she also participates in advisory bodies of cultural institutions and projects. Since 2008 she leads the organization Otevřená společnost (“Open Society”) which implements programs and projects in areas that encourage the formation of a developed civil society: equal opportunities for women and men, the right to information and an open public administration, a police reform, cultural and social policies. Mail: predsedkyne@czlobby.cz, marta.smolikova@osops.cz
Eliška Kodyšová
vice - chairwoman
Director of APERIO - Healthy Parenting Association. She studied psychology (Mgr., PhDr.) and social psychology (Ph.D.) at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. In the Czech Women's Lobby and Aperio, she focuses on informed choices in pregnancy and childbirth as well as social and economic difficulties women have to face, especially single mothers, in relation to parenthood. In the city where she lives, she is engaged in the formation of communal family policy. Mail: eliska.kodysova@aperio.cz
Eva Čech Valentová
board member
She has been active in the field of migration and integration since 2005, mostly as a project coordinator at the Association for Migration and Integration (SIMI), one of the major Czech non-governmental organisations in these areas. At the policy level, Eva focuses on migrant integration at local level, rights of undocumented migrants and gender in migration. Over the years, Eva has published or edited numerous articles and studies in the concerned matters and has been representing SIMI in several thematic platforms and national or European networks. In 2017, Eva has been designated as an expert for Prague region in a social innovation-oriented project „Cities and inclusive strategies“ and is leading a working group for the priority of mutual coexistence in the framework of the Migrant Integration Strategy of the City of Prague. Mail: valentova@migrace.com
Johanna Nejedlová
board member
She is a co-founder of organization Konsent that focuses on the prevention of sexual violence. She represents Czech Women's Lobby at the European Women's Lobby as a member of EWL Observatory on Violence against Women. She also acts as a publicist. She focuses primarily on the women's rights and xenophobia. Mail: johanna@konsent.cz
Michaela Bernardová
board member
https://www.pexeso.org/cz/o-nas/tym/Michaela-Bernardova.html Mail: michaela.bernardova@pexeso.org
Karolina Nedělová
board member
The original idea was to establish our organization to help parents balance work and family. The practice shows that when children have more space, it creates a space for their parents. Through our organization we also invited and encourage the man to care for small children. We support paternity leave, and men as professionals in childcare. I would like to help improve the image of parenthood in the Czech Republic. Mail: karolina@prostorprorodinu.cz