Together against violence

Together against violence

1. 8. 2019

The aim of the Together Against Violence project is to organize a conference on violence against women and to network relevant actors.

The aim of the project is to expand the discussion about the problem of violence and its prevention, current trends, good practice and preventive measures in this area. The conference will feature experts on the topic of violence against women and its prevention from among providers of social and related services and public administration. The participants will thus be able to share their experience of working in the field of violence, discuss effective preventive measures and, in particular, develop cooperation. They will also gain a comprehensive view of the issue.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the comprehensive system of care and assistance to victims, but also perpetrators, and education leading to zero tolerance for violence in Czech society. It will include the focus of the topic of violence on the most vulnerable groups of women (homeless women, Roma women, women with migrant experience) and tools to help these specific groups.

The conference is intended for employees of social and related services. The addressed groups include:

  • workers of social and related services
  • crime prevention coordinators of the city district of Prague
  • social curators of towns and municipalities
  • social service providers (contributory organizations, NGOs)
  • representatives from state administration and regions
  • coordinators of community planning of social services
  • OSPOD staff and other interested parties.
  • The expected number of conference participants, including lecturers, is 100 people.


Name of Project:

"Together against violence"

Project implementer: Czech Women's Lobby, z.s.

Project implementation period: 1 August 2019 - 6 December 2019

Contact persons: Hana Stelzerová,, tel .: 725 820 266

     Diana Gregorová,, tel .: 734 653 454


Provider: City of Prague