Promoting women's rights during the pandemic crisis

Promoting women's rights during the pandemic crisis

1. 1. 2021

Promoting women's rights during the pandemic crisis, there is a project implemented by the Czech Women's Lobby since 1 January 2021.

The project focuses on the current global crisis Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly affected Czech society throughout 2020. Most affected were the most vulnerable groups of people, among which women often predominate. CWL as the umbrella organization, together with its members / 37 organizations /, closely monitors the development of events in the Czech Republic and actively contributes to successful management of the crisis by promoting gender equality at all levels, with regard to proposed solutions in the Czech Republic in the Covid-19 pandemic and help mitigate its negative effects in this regard.

Name of Project:

"Promoting women's rights in a time of pandemic crisis"

Project implementer: Czech Women's Lobby, z.s.

Project implementation period: 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2021

Contact person: Hana Stelzerová,, tel .: 725 820 266,


Donor: Úřad vlády České repubiky