Professionalization and development of Czech Women Lobby

Professionalization and development of Czech Women Lobby

2. 11. 2016

„Professionalization and development of Czech women lobby “, is the project’s name realized by Czech Women lobby (CWL) since September 1st 2016. Project is supported by European Social Fund, Operational program - Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion.

Recently we have gone through major development. As voluntary network annually organizing 1 or 2 events, we became important partner in promoting gender equality as for the state administration, politicians, the media, the public as well as for international organizations. In consequence of our development the need of strengthening capacity of CWL has raised. The next goal is to carry on developing as umbrella organization, intensifying methodical assistance as well as consulting towards member organizations.

Key project areas were defined by recommendations of process audit of CWL. By them we would like to raise quality and sustainability of provided services:

1) Empowerment of management and stabilization

The goal is transformation of CWL and therefore working out new model of CWL’s management and new way of functioning with respect to transformation from voluntary association to umbrella organization with stable team of employees.

2) Empowerment of financial management

The aim is to empower financial management or the organization and establish conditions to make our resources steady.

3) Empowerment of personal management and develompent of human resources

Professionalization of CWL personal management related to ongoing transformation.

4) Setting of communication strategy

The aim is to set up effective communication strategy that will contribute raising awareness of relevant actors on CWL’s activities, help them being informed about current issues/problems, improve cooperation among CWL and state administration, helping better networking and establishing new partnerships mainly in the area of social inclusion and gender equality.  

5) Methodical support for members

The main goal is regular mapping of our member’s needs and setting up methodical support of CWL provided to member organizations.

6) Intermediation of training to members

The goal is to prepare and realize training/schooling for members through group workshops and supervisions based on inquiry on educational needs made among members.   

Project name:

„Profesionalizace a budování kapacit České ženské lobby“ registrační číslo CZ.03.2.63/0.0/0.0/99_041/00022481, prioritní osa OPZ: 2 Sociální začleňování a boj s chudobou (dále jen „projekt“)

Project implementer: Česká ženská lobby, z. s.

Project duration:  1st of September 2016 – 31st of August 2018

Contact person: Hana Stelzerová,, tel.: 725 820 266,


Dotation provider: Czech republic – Ministry of labour and social affair