Operational program Employment plus: Increasing the capacities of CWL

Operational program Employment plus: Increasing the capacities of CWL

1. 6. 2023

The main objective of the project is to increase the capacity of the secretariat of the Czech Women's Lobby network, which has been working in the field of gender equality since 2008. Within the project, CWL will start the processes of more effective functioning in the area of strategic and financial planning and presentation of the organisation to the outside world. The project will focus on the sub-objectives of the call, which will lead to the creation of a clear vision and goals of the organisation, improved communication towards partners and the public and the establishment of multi-source and predictable funding.

Project duration: 1 June 2023 - 30 November 2024

The project will result in a clearly articulated strategy for the CWL for a minimum of 3 years after the end of the project, with a set system of disclosure of information on objectives, activities, benefits and management, an adopted code of ethics, a developed PR strategy. Through training and implementation activities, a minimum of 5 female employees will be supported and will gain better competences for cooperation and communication with the public and partners, including the state administration.  Through financial analysis, they will assess opportunities for sustainable funding and prepare a new fundraising strategy for the organization aimed at diversifying resources. 

Project Result: thanks to the project, CWL will be able to increase the capacity of NGOs working in the field of gender equality to respond to the negative influences within Czech society on the activities of NGOs, which have become increasingly critical in recent years. At the same time, it will be more active in the fight against gender misinformation that damages the issue of gender equality and weakens the promotion of democratic European values. 

Contact details of the project implementers: info@czlobby.cz