Just a normal birth

Just a normal birth

15. 11. 2016

On 15th of November the happening named: Just a normal birth was organized in front of Ministry of Health on Palacký Square. The event focused on supporting the rights of women in pregnancy and their health as well as safety in the process of childbirth.  

The day of the protest was not picked by chance. It took place in the day of long awaited judgement of European Court of Human rights (ECHR) in case Dubska a Krejzova vs. Czech Republic.

In 2014 ECHR confirmed the claim that homebirth for so called low-risk women is comparable with giving birth in hospitals in terms of safety thus those women should be free to choose.

Why are home childbirths riskier in Czech Republic than in most of EU countries? When is going to change?
What brings the ECHR judgement for rights of women in Czech Republic??
What choices are provided by Czech healthcare?
How is the choice of homebirth supported in this state? Are the midwives, whose care and help is crucial, supported as well or are they supported at all?
Every year, few hundred women decide for childbirth at home. Why is that so? What are these women like?

The invitation was sent also to Minister of Health, Svatopluk Němeček.

Czech Women Lobby joined the protest and issued a press release under the title: Will the judgement of ECHR contribute to improve safety of childbirths out of Czech hospitals?

Part of the event was the exhibition The Velvet Birth of Hana Kalvachová. The exhibition was showing family photos of those who decided for home childbirth.

On the top of everything new petition for free choice of women was getting its first signatures. 

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