Invisible Power Rises

Invisible Power Rises

1. 12. 2020

Title: Invisible Power Rises

Implementation period: 1.12.200 - 31.3.2021

Who implements: Czech Women's Lobby in cooperation with partner organizations SIMI - Association for Integration and Migration and Slovo 21/Manushe.

Funding: The British Embassy in the Czech Republic

Place: Czech republic


Disadvantaged groups of women in the Czech Republic, such as migrant women or Roma women, are subject to multiple discrimination based on gender, social group membership, ethnicity or legal status. These groups of women have the most vulnerable position in society. Therefore, our project and its activities will lead to raising awareness of discrimination of these two groups of women on the basis of gender and ethnic origin and to the elimination of prejudices, as well as to the strengthening of their acceptance and equality in Czech society. In addition to drawing on our own experience, we will learn from the best practices of British civil society organizations, which also work with disadvantaged groups of women. We will then summarize our findings in the 2020 Shadow Report to the CEDAW Convention, which we are currently drafting.