Invisible power

Invisible power

10. 1. 2019

The Invisible power is a project that has been implemented by the Czech Women's Lobby since 1st of October 2019 in cooperation with partner organizations SIMI - Association for Integration and Migration and Slovo 21/Manushe.

Migrant and Roma women in the Czech Republic, as well as elsewhere in Europe, face barriers to equality both economically and socially, and live in a position particularly vulnerable to violence and discrimination. These groups in Czechia are subject to multiple discrimination - gender, belonging to a social group, ethnicity or legal status. Moreover the available statistics and supporting NGOs demonstrate a recent trend of feminisation of migration, ageing and poverty. Migrant and Roma women are often of a higher risk of social exclusion, live in worse material conditions and have a lower quality of life compare to majority of women in Czech society. These groups of women have the most vulnerable position within society and very often their situation is of no concern to the the state authorities in order to help reduce the inequalities and to provide an enlightenment of the majority society and relevant stakeholders. That is the reason why we want to implement our project, that stands on two pillars - one consist of raising public awareness about the situation of Roma and migrant women and the other of developing cooperation among relevant civil society organisations. We also aim on strengthening solidarity between women within disadvantaged groups of women.

Our project entails creation of a coalition of women's rights organisations with a focus on marginalised groups of women living in the Czech Republic - Roma and migrant women. Through a set of networking, advocacy, capacity building and raising awareness activities, the project aims to combat antigypsyism, xenophobia and racism in their various forms, to eliminate prejudice towards concerned groups of women and to strengthen tolerance within the Czech society.


Name of the Project: "Invisible power"

Project implementers: Czech Women's Lobby, SIMI - Sdružení pro integraci a migraci, Slovo 21

Duration of project implementation: 1st of October 2019 – 31th of September 2020

Contact person: Hana Stelzerová,, tel.: 725 820 266


Provider: EVZ - Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft"