The Implementation of Gender Equality Policies and Lobbying

The Implementation of Gender Equality Policies and Lobbying

23. 9. 2014

In the context of lobbying the CWL focused on the issue of prostitution and lobbied both on personal meetings with politicians, as well as through e-mail correspondence, which was sent to all Members of Parliament. The main purpose was to stop a repressive law proposal which has been drafted by the City of Prague and passed through first reading in the Parliament. In addition CWL promoted this topic in the media (e.g. Jane S. Kavkova’s performance in a debate with L. Manhart and journalist Daniela Drtinová on the show DVTV, see video on: The result of these activities was a negative opinion of the Mandate and Petition Committee (who had submitted the negatively perceived draft law) and a decision on its withdrawal (and not reprocessing, as had been the original intention).

CWL was further involved in supporting Anna Šabatová on the position of the Ombudsman, as part of the Platform for Human Rights, of which is CWL founder and member. This support has borne its fruit and A. Šabatová was elected Ombudsman. (see here)

CWL also supported the importance of the human rights agenda, both through happenings and various challenges and appeals, as well as through part of the aforementioned Platform for Human Rights.

CWL also supported the candidacy of Vera Jourova at the first ever Czech EU Commissioner.(see here)