Combat Cyber Violence against women and support One Billion Rising for Justice! (2014)

Combat Cyber Violence against women and support One Billion Rising for Justice! (2014)

14. 2. 2014

On the 14th of February at 16 pm at Prague's Kinsky Square took place symbolic rising – in other words public rejection of Cyber violence against women and helping professionals. Hosting organizations had joined the global movement - "One Billion Rising" - already second time. One bilion rising is a call for a billion women and all those who respect them to come out to the streets, dance and simply stand up for women´s rights and demand to end the violence against women.                                                                                            

Every third woman on the planet experience a rape or beating during her life. The Movement "One Billion Rising" considers this situation unacceptable, therefore it attempts to draw attention to the seriousness and extent of violence against women. In the Czech Republic the happening is organised by Czech Women's Lobby in cooperation with Ozvi se! / Hollaback! Czech and V-Day Prague International Voice.

Victims of domestic violence and organizations supporting women´s rights and those that help abused women and children are often exposed to cyber assaults by the aggressors. These anonymous attackers publish false, abusive or threatening information about individuals or organizations which significantly affect working and private lives of people and organizations involved.

"The power of the Internet consist in its availability for large pool of people and so give to these attacks formidable force. On the internet attackers may conceal their identity and thus they may remain unpunished. Victims of cyber violence ofte feel poweless, exhausted and fatigue, thereby attackers achieve their goals, "explains Jitka Poláková from proFem organization which is a partner organization of the Czech Women's Lobby.

Workshop participants on symbolic rising on St. Valentine's Day (14th of february) at first raised their banners with red palm what symbolized STOP for cyberviolence and after brief speeches, the choreography on the song Break the Chain! was danced as well.