Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe - "2021 Fund for COVID Solidarity"

Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe - "2021 Fund for COVID Solidarity"

21. 1. 2022

Name of Project: Defending women's rights in the Czech Republic

Description of the Project: 

The project entails enforcing gender-sensitive measures to reduce the negative impact of covid-19 on women and promote gender equality within Czechia to become a priority for our government. Women and women's organizations have been in the front line during the covid pandemic providing services to others. These are the main target groups of our project. Thanks to this project we will be able to continue to support the organizations to provide needed services to the most vulnerable groups of women.


1. To enforce the implementation of gender perspective when resolving the negative impact of the covid-19 crises

2. To strengthen a safe environment for our members' frontline organizations to be able to provide services and help women in their vulnerable situations. 

3. To promote the ratification of the Istanbul Convention (IC) against Violence Against Women (VAW), and the implementation of particular measures.

4. To raise awareness about services to women struggling with the consequences of covid pandemic crises and gender inequalities as well as gender stereotypes and anti-gender backlash.


Donor: The Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe.

The Alliance for Gender Equality in Europeis a recently created coalition to support progress for gender equality and women’s rights. It is supported by Fondation CHANEL, the King Baudouin Foundation, and the L’Oréal Fund for Women and hosted by the Network of European Foundations (NEF).

Project implementation period: 

01/01/2022 - 31/12/2022


42117 EUR