Activities of the Czech Women's Lobby

Activities of the Czech Women's Lobby

19. 7. 2021

CWL is very active in the fulfilling of the Beingin Platform aims by providing space for its 36 members on the common goals and participating within our working structure to make sure we tackle the problems women face and advocate for improving the situation. The provided financial support helped us in times when we lack resources on our main functioning and as coffinance to our ongoing projects. 

The resources this fund provided enabled CWL to organize great events and finish important projects. Namely, CWL organized General Assembly, created Action plan, developed projects to protect women rights and supported its member organization in similar activities and evaluated the ongoings of the past 5 years in the filed by creating shadow report. Also, CWL oraganized relaxed evaluation meeting and took part in the happening for the redefinition for rape.  

Despite all problems connected to the current pandemic, Czech Woman Lobby managed to organize a successful General Assembly with the presence of its member organization. This event took place online on 25th of May 2021 and 27 representatives of member organizations (out of 36) with 4 representatives from CWL secretariat were present. CWL successfully delivered all parts of the General Assembly, including presentations of Action plan, presentation of activities and projects of CWL, voting on crucial documents. We prepared a virtual networking space for our members at the afternoon part of the meeting with breakrooms where representatives were discussing in smaller groups.

Action plan 2021 of CWL sets the main goals and targets for the organization. These priorities are in line with BPfA's values and main areas of concern with the focus put on important local issues. Action plan includes internal processes, such as development of data platform, strengthening of the participation of member organizations and involvement in EWL, advocacy activities of personal integrity, health and safety of women and full and equal participation of women and men in all spheres of society and other general objectives. Also an important part of our work is fundraising for the advocacy activities, development of the data platform and cooperation with member organizations, PR and communication. Our main goals that we wish to achieve through our work in 2021 is to reduce inequalities between men and women in relation to care and increase the level of understanding of the topic of equality between women and men and its benefits for the society.

Projects that were presented at the General Assembly also represent the main activities of CWL in the past months. They reflect the Beijing Platform critical areas of concern, mainly human rights of woman, violence against women, women and health and women and economy. CWL projects work on overcoming obstacles in those areas. 

“We defend the rights of women in the aftermath of a pandemic crisis” project focuses on the establishment of equal gender rights at all levels, specifically in in the aftermath of a pandemic crisis and on fulfillment of the goals of the Strategy of Equality between Women and Men of the Government Office of the Czech Republic.  

“Voice against Violence” is cooperation between the Czech Women's Lobby, Amnesty International CZE, and Konsent. The Voice Against Violence Coalition aims to push for the ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. Full evaluation as well as presentation of activities can be find on CWL website

 “Invisible power” project focused on migrant and roma woman in the society. Main objective of the project is combating antigypsyism, xenophobia and racism, eliminating prejudice against marginalized groups of women and empowering Roma and migrant women. Article about outcomes of the project can be accessed on CWL website.