Systemic change in Obstetrics

Systemic change in Obstetrics

3. 9. 2015

As part of the Czech Women's Lobby, there’s an “obstetric” working group, which in addition to training the member organizations and the public in the area of normal birth and acquisition of relevant data and expert opinions, participates in meetings of a working group at the Government’s Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

The main goal is to finalize a draft legislative changes that will allow midwives to legally pursue their profession again, and to help to make their care covered by public health insurance.

In addition to the preparation and active promotion of a legislative amendment to the Law on health services, which until now with other regulations prevents midwives from legally exercising their profession, the group organizes activities to support people who decide to sue because of the lack of the possibility of free choice.

The coordinator is Katerina Hájková Klíčová, executive director of UNIP (, who represents the Czech Women's Lobby.

The part of the project will be the information campaign “Normal Childbirth”, the conference “Active Parenting” and the World Respected Childbirth Week.