Prague premiere of Slovak documentary movie Medzi nami/Before I Met You

Prague premiere of Slovak documentary movie Medzi nami/Before I Met You

15. 1. 2018

On January 15, 2018, the Czech Women's Lobby organized the Prague premiere of Slovak documentary movie Medzi nami/Before I Met you by a director Zuzana Límová. A screening of movie, which looks at the operation of a large Bratislava hospital through the stories of three women, took place at Prague's cinema Aero. The movie was screened in the Slovak language with English subtitles.

The documentary uncovered the reality behind the closed doors of delivery rooms of Slovak hospitals and aroused a lot of emotions and questions about the obstetric health care, also relevant for the situation in the Czech Republic. The screening of the documentary was followed by a discussion with the movie director Zuzana Límová.

The movie Medzi nami/Before I Met you shows the reality of institutional obstetric health care in the majority of totalitarian and post-totalitarian societies, a care without freedom of choice. It is a great, though shocking, contribution to the current discussion leading to an informed and free choice of obstetric health care “, said Ivana Antalová from the Czech Women’s Lobby. The documentary depicts an effort of women to maintain their dignity and the testimony of those who have the courage to speak.

„The voices of women who dare to speak up complement the film’s images captured during delivery in a public hospital. Situational interviews with staff members uncover the dark side of the healthcare system that prefers routine and medication to humanity.”

„To date, we have been receiving many reports from women but also from men who have encountered violence in hospitals and unscrupulous behaviour of staff members. Some births have resulted in tragic life-long consequences but also in the death of mother or baby. We are pleased that we have helped to create a space for sharing stories parents have to deal with. We believe that their voices will finally be heard and competent people will take necessary measures to avoid repeating such cases “, said independent journalist and filmmaker Zuzana Límová, who graduated in directing at ZeLiG – School for Documentary, Television and New Media in Bolzano, Italy.

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