IWD 2016 in Brno

IWD 2016 in Brno

8. 3. 2016

The celebration of International women´s day was not exception In Brno either. Celebrations took two days and it started by panel debate on topic Migration through feminist perspective in venues of Faculty of Social studies of Masaryk University. Panelists discussed about specific situation of women as migrants as well as all current issues regarding sexual violence on migrants or discussion about wearing traditional Muslim´s dresses in Europe. On discussion were also participating around 35 students.

The second and actual celebration day was full of cultural program that were happening simultaneously on more places. We can mention screening of short movie about sexism in advertisement followed by discussion with its´director Ondřej Šálka and after there were space for reading lesbian poetry of poets from Brno and also performance of dancing group Las Chichas checas.

Another place offered speed mentoring with successful czech journalists (Kamila Zlatušková, Pavlína Kvapilová, Jana Ustohalová).  Women who came were either bloggers or journalists who received valuable advices and information about how Czech media works.

Part of celebration were presentations of organizations as well as of interesting women who were introducing their own projects to participants. 

Under the article you can find pictures and try to feel the great atmosphere which was omnipresent. We hope for those who have not come this year, next year will be a must.  

MDŽ 2016 v Brně

7. 3. 2016