Every child should be legally entitled for placement in parenting centers

Every child should be legally entitled for placement in parenting centers

12. 1. 2016

Shortly before summer holidays, Czech minister of youth, education and sports announced that next year, every 4 year old child will have placement in parenting center, and since 2018 every 3 year old child too and later even each 2 year old. This legislative amendement would bring big change to czech society and on the top of that without economic loading. Until the year 2020 European Union offers its funding for strengthening the capacity and quality of preschool care and education and Czech republic will decide if it will be used or not. 

"The biggest problem of Czech republic is in the lenght of parental leave, as far as it is one of the longest in the EU with very low state financial subsidy as well. Statistics show that parents decide to draw 4 years parental leave option especially because they cannot count on the placement in the public parenting centers/ kindergardens taking their children earlier than when they are four years old," says Helena Skálová from Gneder Studies.    

Too long parental leave associated with labour market failure have negative impact on economic situation of families. After long break parents have difficult position in getting back on labour market. Mathers are in double risk of unempoyment against men-fathers and of course it is also reflection in the height of salary. Guaranteed placements in parenting centers are usefull measure of moderating this negative motherhood impacts together with contributing to ipmrove economic situation of families with small children.  

Czech women´s lobby urges lawmakers to secure this legal entitlement for placement in parenting centers for all children and incorporate it into amendment of Education act. 

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