Solidarity with Polish Women

Solidarity with Polish Women

18. 3. 2018

On Monday 19/03 Polish Parliament on demand of Polish bishop, will proceed the draft project of the ban on abortion in Poland. Next Friday, 23/03, 90% of abortions in Poland, already restricted to 1000 cases per year, will become illegal.

Poland already has one of Europe’s most restrictive abortion laws. Women can only legally terminate a pregnancy if the mother’s life is at risk, if the foetus is severely damaged or if the pregnancy is a result of a crime - such as rape. This week Poland’s parliament is debating a new draft bill entitled “Stop Abortion.” If adopted, it would make abortion almost entirely illegal. It will place women’s health and lives at risk and violate Poland’s international human rights obligations.

Prohibiting women from accessing safe, legal abortion violates a number of human rights enshrined in international law, including the rights to life, health and health care, nondiscrimination and equality, privacy, and freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

We join with thousands of people and share the info and foto with hashtags #SolidarityWithPolishWomen #StopTheBan to support women in Poland whose rights are at risk.

Join open letter in support of women in Poland.

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