Dignity for Lety

Dignity for Lety

25. 6. 2017

On Saturday, June 24, 2017, an international happening for the removal of the piggy farm took place in Lety, attended by representatives of European states, organizations and political parties.

The Speech of the Czech Women's Lobby at Happening:


We are grateful to the organizing team and all of you present for the initiative. We are proud that the Czech Women's Lobby, a network of women's rights organizations, can also support the event today.

We met here in front of the pig farm at the place of a former Roma concentration camp Lety, where killing was done by Czechs. We regret that and we are ashamed. This pig farm with its odor is also a symbol of indifference, hatred and prejudice that persist in our society. The way to deal with this dark past is not to forget but to accept it and to create a sacred place right here where people died in inhuman conditions. Only then the odor disappears.

We believe that by building new partnerships and collaborating with other similarly minded people and organizations, as we have done today, we will not only succeed in removing the piggy farm from this painful place, but that we will also jointly create a socially more justiciable society. A society that respects everyone's rights and where everyone has the opportunity to live a dignified and happy life. "

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