18. 5. 2018

Do you often ask…

  • How to jointly create spaces we live in?
  • What roles do local communities, local governments or active individuals have?
  • How does a public space that is friendly and fair to all look like?
  • How to sensitively create spaces with the needs of various groups in mind?

You want municipalities and towns that…
…help create local communities?
...are full of greenery and you can breathe in?
…support the dialogue between public administration and the public?
…are inclusive and friendly?

Then the BarCamp NESEHNUTÍ taking place on the 18th and 19th May 2018 in Impact Hub Brno is exactly for you.

What can you expect?

  • Parallel workshops, lectures, talk show, open mic and accompanying program.
  • Subjects of building local communities and sustainable public space.
  • Guests will explain ways of creatively and successfully working with various groups of citizens.
  • Examples of creating towns that are actually friendly to everyone.
  • A launch of a book about building of communities in Czech and Slovak languages. The practical handbook will instruct how to motivate others to actively create their surroundings and what to avoid, it will also instruct how to finance voluntary activities.
  • Presentation of local groups that focus on various socially beneficial subjects, for example sustainable transport in the city, active cooperation with newcomers or creating local communities.
  • Informal meeting with people interested in the same things as you are.

BarCamp NESEHNUTÍ is the climax of two project – in one we focus on creating communities ( while in the other we support the education of local administration ( We want to connect two worlds – the world of active people from local communities and the world of people working in the local administration, because we think that change can only be achieved together. 

Registration and other info in Czech at

The event will be hold in Czech language with the possibilty of translation into English.