Office ČŽL

Hana Stelzerová
Hana studied sociology and social politics at Charles University, at Faculty of Social Sciences. Between years 2004 and 2011, she worked in Agora Central Europe, where she established successful debate program called 'Student Agora'. Later she work in the Center for community work (CpKP) in the region of Central Bohemia as a methodologist in community planning of social services in towns Kolín and Hořovice. Since 2014 she has been working for CWL. Here she started as project manager of big partner’s project 'Defending the Rights of Women in Czech Republic'. In 2016 she became the director and in this new position is now contributing to further development of the organization.
Diana Gregorová
Coordinator / Manager
Diana studied sociology at Comenius University in Bratislava as well as at Masaryk University in Brno. In 2014 she worked as project manager in program 'Women rights are human rights' in the non-profit organization NESEHNUTI. Diana is a co-founder of Slovak project against sexist advertisment called 'Sexist kix' where she is still actively involved. In 2016 she was working as project manager in CRM for non-profit and in the November she became a part of the CWL´s team as coordinator and manager. She also coordinate working group Women and economics. Diana is also a member of Gender Expert Chamber.
Ivana Antalová
Lobbyist for systemic change in obstetrics
She studied at Bata University in Zlin, at faculty of technology. Previously she worked on different economic positions. Circumstances surrounding her both childbirths had great influence on her next passion. She decided to work on elimination of unnecessary suffering during childbirths as well as support of bonding. She established the project BabyKlokánci, z.s. Zrnka that supports parents of premature babies as well as parents of ill new-borns. She specializes in human rights protection, freedom of choice of place and manner of delivery, promotion of continuous care of regional midwifes, and establishment of birth houses in Czech Republic. She is a co-author of book Bonding – childbirth is joy. She initiated a petition named 'Child belongs to parents as standard in provision of health services in obstetrics' and also initiated a call: How to give a birth with love. Ivana is also plays in drama named EPIZOTOMI, inspired by negative experiences in current Czech obstetrics. Since January 2017, Ivana is part of Czech Women Lobby. 'I wish the loving and supportive care for women and children would be created all in unity. '
Kamila Veselá
Financial Manager
Kamila studied Faculty of Economics at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. In 2015 she graudated with her doctorate at Czech University of Life Sciences, at Faculty of Economics and Management. Her managerial education she finished with MBA. In the past Kamila worked as executive director of the company that produces food supplements or as financial analyst of the investment trust. Currently, besides educational and scientific research activites, she is working for non-profit sector where she is specializing on financial management and accountancy.