Our team

Jana Smiggels Kavková
Jana studied political science in Leiden, the Netherlands. Directly in cooperation with the Minister for Human Rights Michael Kocáb she participated in the creation of the reform of the electoral law, for which she actively lobbied for support across the political spectrum. In 2009 she became director of the organization Forum 50%. It strives for a balanced representation of women and men in public space and also tries to inspire women to a greater interest in politics.
Helena Skálová
Helena graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University where she specialized in humanities with focus on gender and non-profit organizations. She specializes in the area of promoting equal opportunities for women and men and work-life balance in the public administration. She also participates in gender audits and educational activities at state and local governments. She is a member of the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (RVRP), and member of the Committee on Institutional Security of Equal Opportunities of RVRP.
Petra Havlíková
board member
She majored in journalism, gender studies, master sociology and theater studies at the Masaryk University. The organization NESEHNUTÍ represents the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men as a member of the Executive Committee of the Czech Women's Lobby. Voluntarily she also involved in projects against racism and in support of LGBT rights. She also works in Brno cultural organization, which aims to transparent funding of Brno culture.
Kateřina Hodická
board member
She studied international relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. She is also a graduate from Masaryk University, where she studied economics and English language and literature.Her professional career started at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After leaving the state administration, she worked in consulting companies and was involved in project management activities. Since 2009 she has been cooperating with the Gender Information Centre NORA. She became its director in 2011. She is a member of the Gender Expert Chamber and is involved in projects focusing on promoting gender equality, even at an international level.
Eva Kavková
board member
Eva graduated political science from the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague. In 2000 she obtained Master's degree from the same university. From 1997 to 1999 she worked as a PR coordinator in the Czech Republic Business Guide, and later at the Center for Democracy and Free Enterprise. Since 2000 she has been working in the European Contact Group, first as coordinator of European projects for the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups and instructor courses for adults, and then since 2002 as a director .
Petra Kubálková
board member
Petra studied Information studies and librarianship, the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University. She specialized in employment issues, equal opportunities, supporting women as entepreneurs, women's leadership and political lobby. She also works as gender auditor and lecturer. At the same time she is a founder and chairwoman of a nonprofit organization cats2cats z.s. She is the author of many publications and articles.