Preparation of the Chamber of Gender Experts

Preparation of the Chamber of Gender Experts

26. 9. 2015

Coordinator is the Institute of Sociology ASCR, with the support of the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University and the Faculty of Social Studies.


  • Phase 1: winter 2014 – the establishment of three working group meetings (preparing a draft institutional chamber solution)
  • Phase 2: registration on the basis of the draft institutional solution created by a working group
  • February 2015: the founding meeting
  • February-July 2015: membership recruitment
  • June 2015: Registration Chamber
  • Phase 3: June 2015 – work chamber

The Chamber of Gender Experts

  • will bring together qualified gender experts from various scientific fields, specializations and sectors of society
  • will be a partner authority of state and local governments, which will provide expert base in the working and advisory groups, expert bodies, etc.
  • will provide services in the field of gender education, counseling and consulting services, expertise and analytical activities
  • will guarantee a high expert knowledge in the field of gender and feminist studies with focus on specific areas (various aspects of the functioning of the labor market, the combination of work and family, gender-based violence and sexual harassment, midwifery and sexual rights of women, LGBT, minorities, immigrants and migrants, law, the creation of scientific knowledge and expertise in the knowledge society etc.)