Involvement in International Activities 2014

Involvement in International Activities 2014

11. 10. 2014

As part of international activities CWL President Jana Chržová and board member Jana S. Kavková attended Annual Conference / Assembly of the European Women's Lobby in Lisbon on 10 and 11 October 2014. The General Assembly EWL in Lisbon included strategic planning, elections to the bodies of EWL, performances project EWL Making Women's Social Entrepreneurship Visible in Europe, and the day before public events were held to report to the EWL Beijing + 20 summit. Jana S. K, also as a member of the board of the European Women's Lobby, participated in strategic planning with EIGE.

On 9 December 2014, the President of Czech Women's Lobby participated in a strategic meeting with EWL in Brussels to further unite steps for enforcing the abolitionist "policy" across the EU and to promote the Nordic model approach to prostitution in as many EU countries as possible. The meeting served both as the current briefing (development in some countries, specifically currently in Ireland), as well as a brainstorming session for outlining a plan for the next five years. For links to the Brussels site visit: a Europe free from prostitution)

Alternative comments on the National Reform Programme Member States in the EU 2020 were filed by CWL Commission officials (section 2020) on personal meetings and a report sent, which was drawn up on the current state (CWL CSR Czech Republic 2014).

CWL joined the international campaign Emergency Motion EWL, which worked on the theme of violence against women in armed conflicts and the Feminist Declaration for Post 2015 (gender, economic, social and environmental rights for sustainable development).

CWL was very active in its international cooperation with the European Women's Lobby.

CWL spread letters in support of European policies in the field of RP – to members of the Czech government and also sent a letter to the newly elected EU Commissioner Vera Jourova, as an expression support and offered cooperation.