We are looking for a volunteer!

We are looking for a volunteer!

3. 5. 2018

Czech Women’s Lobby is looking for a volunteer who will be able to edit and proofread English articles on our website.

  • Are you interested in women's rights and would you like to learn more about activities of CWL?
  • Do you want to help us with raising awareness about public events and campaigns of organizations promoting women's rights?
  • Do you have good English and grammar does not make you any trouble?

​Help us with the English version of our website.

We need someone who will occasionally read, check and correct the English text on our website.

We offer great opportunity to cooperate with an established NGO network that promotes women's rights, to gain knowledge about its activities and to practice English.

If you are interested, please contact us at e-mail address: kristyna.bernatova@czlobby.cz

Files to download: